After witnessing many years of mainstream supplement brands profiting from over priced formulas, lack of science, basic ingredients, unrealistic buzzwords and childish labels, Illegal Nutrition was born. Registered in 2018 with a simple goal - to create the UK’s number 1 premium supplement brand.

With a clear goal in sight, following thorough market research and meticulous scientific studying, the 2 year development process began. It started with the science behind the formula. With the expertise of the Bio-Science Department at Staffordshire University a vision was brought to life: Dual Pathway Nitric Oxide Technology™; A world's first concept that identifies every scientific enzyme in the human body able to stimulate Nitric Oxide and increase cGMP. Our journey continued by directly sourcing the best patented ingredients from around the world. This wasn’t an easy objective to achieve, as initially, these multi-million pound companies were not receptive to another new brand in such a saturated market. As soon as our vision was heard, our science was understood and passion was felt, we started obtaining the sublicense agreements and partners needed with ease. 2 years later our flagship Premium Pre-Workout was born, stamped with our trademarked Golden Ratio crest and signed by our CEO for authentication.

Since the release of our Premium Pre-Workout & Premium Pump V1 in 2022, we have received 3 separate Product Of The Year awards, an achievement we don’t take lightly. It didn’t stop there, behind the scenes we were busy working on the development of exciting new products and additional flavours. These became available early and exclusively through our Certified Performance Centres including the infamous Strength Asylum and the recently developed multi-million pound state of the art Destination Gym. The response has been incredible and we are now proud to launch our entire range internationally.

Mission 1.618033 Promo Series (Instagram):

Not only does our passion lie in creating scientifically backed and industry leading supplements, but also in the way in which these are marketed following a strategic business strategy. Our unique marketing tells a story and invites consumers to personally connect with all aspects of our brand and a premium reality.

Prior to release our prototype Premium Pre-Workout was mysteriously transported in our exclusive military grade case, secured by our tactically trained close protection operatives to an unknown location.

Since then, we have created a dynamic 10 part promo series which continues the journey. With our target market in mind, expect: supercars, planes, guns and nudity.